Lakshmi Rai wrong decision!

It’s a renowned fact in film industry that any female artist who pairs along with a comedian or do an item song with a comedian, their market will be in a sand slide.

Examples include actress Arthi Agarwal who was paired against comedian in a movie and was never seen again. Another actress who danced for item number also lost her film career as heroine.

Clever actresses will not accept if they have to dance or pair up with comedians. Poor Lakshmi Rai fell into this trap. She is seen dancing with comedian in a Tamil film. This is because the director of the movie had compelled to make her do that as that would increase the film’s market value. Only after the movie was released her co stars and her friends have called her and made her feel scared. So from this every heroine must be particular in selecting the films.

Lakshmi Rai wrong decision!
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