Lawrence’s Bumper Offer to Sri Reddy

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Controversial Actress Sri Reddy has made severe allegations on several celebrities. Choreographer turned actress Lawerence Raghavendra is also one of those. Lawerence in a Facebook Post refuted all her claims and also made her a very interesting challenge. She gave her a bumper offer since she feels she is being exploited in the name of film offers. He called her to attend a Press Meet before media and to showcase her acting and dancing skills before everyone. If she is able to do that, Lawerence promised her to give her a role in his next film and also said he would be given an advance immediately before the media.

He even offered to conduct the audition at a private place if she wants to and asked her to bring her lawyer and well-wisher to assure safety. It has to be seen if Sri Reddy accepts this offer and also takes back her allegations on Lawerence. Sri Reddy made similar allegations including Natural Star Nani. The actor who is currently hosting Bigg Boss Second Season even sent a legal notice to Sri Reddy demanding her to apologize or face legal consequences. There is no update about what happened on that later.

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