Legal experts: Celebrities come out easily

Legal experts Celebrities easily

Popular Film Personalities Links with drugs in Tollywood is creating a storm in the industry, even though many film personalities are stating that it’s an individual’s issue, not to link drugs to the entire industry. But on another side of the coin, it is an open fact that many film celebrities are drugs users.

From past week the 12 film personalities who have received the notices from Excise Enforcement Special Investigation Team (SIT) are appearing for investigation. By giving the shock to everyone, SIT officials questioning the celebrities for more than 10 to 12 hours. Indirectly, the hours of investigation giving hints like these film celebrities are involved in drugs issue but are they all drugs users or peddlers, time will show out.

Legal experts are coming out with sections and they say they will come out clean. They say cops don’t have any proof except for the allegations of a drug peddler and his phone contacts. They say police are carrying out the interrogation with out thorough investigation which will help the celebrities. According to 1985 act of Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, only drug peddlers can be booked on a non-bailable warrant while others will come out easily as it is difficult to prosecute them.

It is coming out all these celebrities who are undergoing investigation procedures will come out from this drugs case very easily as child play unless the SIT proves that they are drugs peddlers. Sources say that the film personalities are approaching popular legal advisers and the lawyers assured that they will come from case very easily.

Rumours are spreading that second list will be out soon. While many are getting worried about the involvement of the celebrities, rumors are spreading that it is child’s play for celebrities to come out unscathed from the scandal.  Let us wait and see will all Celebrities come out from it as child play or SIT officials will prove the involvement of these celebrities in the drugs case.