Likes Chandra Babu But Imitates KTR –Says, Hero

Young hero Vijay Deverakonda who showed different shades of acting in his earlier love story based film is now getting ready to show his political avatar in upcoming bilingual film ‘NOTA’. The film is all set for grand release on tomorrow, October 5th worldwide, it is releasing in Tamil & Telugu. Vijay is not leaving the single stone to be unturned for promoting the film.

Today, afternoon he interacted with Telugu electronic and media in part of promotions and revealed the interesting news. In answer to questions posed by the journo, he said he imitated Telangana Minister KTR style in NOTA. He said, ‘ I need to look like this generation politician who should be stylish with a dignified attitude. So, I imitated KTR sir in each frame. I followed his dressing style, speech, walking style, what not everything.’

Here the surprising element is another journo asked who is your favorite politician? Everyone expected the answer as KTR but shockingly Vijay said, Chandra Babu Naidu. ‘Even though I imitated KTR in NOTA film but I like Chandra Babu Naidu because he is the one who developed Hyderabad. During his tenure, only Hyderabad got a huge boom and we all know that he is the much-disciplined person and how he controlled all Governments organizations to run properly’ he added.

Finally, he concluded that NOTA is not completely based on Corruption in politics, it shows only some parts. And he hinted that Jayalaitha episode of corruption should be watched on big screen. Vijay minted all hopes on the film where he can prove as a versatile actor with this different goner based film.

Watch this space for more updates.