Live Review: Thippara Meesam

Thippara Meesam - Live Movie Review of Sree Vishnu Thippara Meesam

Sree Vishnu and Nikki Tamboli’s upcoming thriller Thipparaa Meesam which sees Sree Vishnu sporting a new look in an action-packed avatar for the first time releases today. We bring you the exclusive Live review of the movie where we will witness and discuss how far this film will take Sree Vishnu towards stardom just like Arjun Reddy took Vijay Deverakonda’s stardom.

Live Review starts at 5 AM IST ( 6 30 PM EST)

Live Review rating: 2/5

The second half of the film is marginally better than the first. The last half an hour might appeal to some audience who likes sentiment. The production values are just about okay and the BGM makes a mark in few scenes. The story of the film is insipid and the screenplay shoddy with a very long run time. The director tries to merge the recklessness of Arjun Reddy with the mother sentiment from Chhatrapati and fall flat. Sree Vishnu should be much more careful while selecting scripts because he is a fine actor. Overall the film is a slog with more than 150 minutes of runtime. The film will not find many takers at the ticket windows and its fall at the box office is inevitable.

Punchline: This Meesam will Fall Off

8:00 AM: The film ends on a different yet sentimental mode. THE END

7:45 AM: Sree Vishnu gets released from jail after 5 years. He comes to know a shocking secret about his birth. Some sentiment scenes going on.

The second half is better than the first half but nothing that would excite and make the audience jump in their seats.

7:27 AM: In an unexpected turn of events Sree Vishnu gets arrested in the murder case of Kaali and he confesses crime in Court. But Nikki feels something is fishy and Sree Vishnu might not be the murderer. Vishnu gets a 7-year prison sentence.

7:13 AM: Time for another betting game, car race this time and Sree Vishnu wants to settle scores with Kaali

7:06 AM: Sree Vishnu is arrested in a drug possession case and the interrogating officer is heroine Nikki.

7:00 AM: Energetic ‘Dethadi’ Pub song to revive the interest of the audience but no use.

6:52 AM: Sree Vishnu wins the case in court against his mother as Rohini doesn’t defend herself and agrees to pay him40 lakhs in one month by selling her house. 

6: 45 AM: Nikki asks Sree Vishnu to withdraw the case against his mother if he wants her love. Time for melodious ‘Mouname ..’ song

The first half of the film is a complete bore with anti-sentiment running throughout. The concept of revenge on mother is atrocious and not relatable at all. Sree Vishnu is commendable with his performance but the film just doesn’t take off. No comedy, no romance, no thrilling elements as of now. If the same tempo continues, we will have another disaster on the cards.

6:30 AM: Sree Vishnu sees Kaali and runs after him. INTERVAL

6:24 AM: Sree Vishnu attempts rape heroine Nikki under the influence of his drugs but she escapes. Meanwhile, the court case against his own mother by her son makes headlines.

Till now the movie is boring and completely off-track.

6:18 AM: Sree Vishnu send legal notice against his mother Rohini in a fake cheque bounce case of 40 Lakhs.

6:10 AM: Mani wins the illegal gamble game in the jungle and wins 20 Lakhs but another participant Kaali runs away with the cash.

6:00 AM: Mani finds a plan to repay the 30 Lakhs by entering a game in the Jungle. The entry fee is 3 Lakhs for which he takes help from his friend.

5:45 AM: A dejected Sree Vishnu sees Nikki Tamboli while jogging in the morning. It’s a love at first sight for him. Time for Radha Ramanam song. A feel-good montage song.

5:40 AM: Vishnu is under pressure as he lost 30 lakhs Cricket betting which he has to return in two months’ deadline.

5:35 AM: After a brief tiff with the police the film goes into flashback mode where Sree Vishnu is introduced as DJ in a pub. He is completely addicted to drugs and alcohol since childhood. His mother played by senior actress Rohini is fed up with his antics also gets him admitted to rehab but he runs away.

5:20 AM: Hero Sree Vishnu makes an entry as Mani Shankar

5:17 AM: Movie starts with a small fight as titles keep rolling

5:15 AM: Showtime #ThipparaMeesam