Lock-in Period for Web Releases Evoke Mixed Response

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Senior Producer Suresh Babu has revealed that the Telugu Film Producers Council has voluntarily decided to sell Digital/Satellite Rights only with an 8 Week Exclusive Lock-in Period for Theatres. Films cannot be screened on TV/Web before 56 Days. This Rule is applicable for deals made from April 1st.

However, this has evoked a mixed response. Theater owners are relieved that this will give breathing space as the audience will no longer bunk films to watch them on the Web after four weeks. There is one more section which says it is a foolish step. They say the theatrical run for almost 99% of the films ends within four weeks. With this decision, producers may not get the fancy prices from Digital/Satellite rights too. Filmmakers will lose huge revenue. This decision has come at the time when Hollywood and Bollywood are making Web Exclusive Films.

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