Longest lip-lock in Kollywood

Anuya, who did some hot scenes in Tamil “Madurai Sambavam”, has locked lips with Sundar C, husband of yester years number Uno Kushboo, in her new film. 

Sundar, who is also directing the film, says, "Yes, there is a kissing scene in the film. We included it because of the script. Anuya was very understanding and she had no qualms about doing the kissing scene, which was Okayed after five takes"! 

The buzz is that it is the longest lip-lock in Kollywood. Anuya justifies the scene and says, "The kissing scene was crucial to the story and it was shot very aesthetically by Sundar C. It was not a raunchy scene meant to titillate in any way".

Longest lip-lock in Kollywood
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