Lovely movie Review

Lovely movie Review

Movie:     Lovely


Rating:    3/5


Director: B. Jaya


Banner:   RJ Cinemas


Young romantic hero Adi, who made a powerful impact with ‘Prema Kavali’ is once again coming with romantic entertainer ‘Lovely’ along with Sanvi. Love stories expert B.Jaya directed the film. Already Anup Rubens tunes became chartbusters with in no time. Let us see how Dialogue King Saikumar’s son Adi liven the hearts of viewers and make them say ‘Lovely’.
Film revolves around friendship, facebook and relationships.  Kittu (Vennela Kishore) a facebook freak comes in contact with Lalli (Chinmayee) and after sometime both of them decide to meet. But at the cruicial juncture they develop cold feet and send their friends in their guise. A web of love tangle emerges when Kittu sends his friend Akash (Aadi) to meet Lalli,  while she on the other hand sends her friend Lavanya (Shanvi) to meet Kittu.

It was love at first sight for Akash and with the passage of time Lovely aka Lavanya reciprocates.  Maharadhi (Rajendra Prasad) father of Lavanya does not approve the love of Akash and Lovely. The reason is he does not like the behavior and attitude of Akash. How Akash manages to impress Lovely’s father and whether he is able to marry her form the thrilling part of the film.

Aadi is quite impressive. He put up a matured performance compared to his debut film. He excelled in dances and fights and did complete justice to his role. Shanvi is cute and put commendable performance on her debut. Rajendra Prasad is at his best. He is very impressive both in the comedy as well as emotional scenes. Vennela Kishore also did a good job. Chinmayee impresses all with her Telangana accent.

Lead actors


Second half
Predictable story
Analysis and verdict
Lovely is feel good film with decent entertainment values. The film is a light hearted hilarious entertainer with a touch of emotional quotient. The film’s first half is racy but loses steam in the second half. The director falters on several fronts and this affected the overall impact of the film to a great extent. Family viewers can enjoy the film at least one time.

Lovely movie Review
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