Lover – Raj Tharun to Disappoint Again?

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Young Hero Raj Tharun is without a proper hit for a very long time. The span of Small heroes is very little that back to back flops will mean that their market gets diminished and audience, as well as the trade, forgets them easily. So Raj Tharun is keen on bagging a hit at any cost and he has pinned all his hopes on his coming Friday release, Lover. The music album of the film is so fresh that there are hopes that it will be a turnaround for Young Hero.

But then, the Filmnagar Talk is that the movie is of below average fare and even Dil Raju has no hopes on it. If this turns out to be a true, it will be a massive disappointment. The movie will take on Bellamkonda Srinivas’ Saakshyam and Lakshmi Manchu’s W/O Ram releasing on the same day (20th). Lover is directed by Aneesh Krishna and Riddhi Kumar is the heroine. Dil Raju’s nephew Harshith Reddy is producing the love story. As many as Six Music Directors – Ankit Tiwari, Arko, Rishi Rich, Ajay Vas, Sai Karthik, and Tanishk Bagchi composed the songs of the film. Raj Tharun. It has to be seen what is in store for the young actor on 20th.

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