MAA Breaks Further, Hema Slams Naresh

Hema ,Naresh,Jeevitha( Image source: google)

Tollywood’s Cine Artists Association, Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) affairs are becoming murkier day by day. In March this year, Naresh got elected as President of MAA and Rajasekhar as the executive President. But then, the gap between actor Naresh’s group and actor Rajasekhar’s group has widened further, and that even led to filing cases on each other. Rajasekhar’s group is making allegations that Naresh is doing nothing welfare of the artists. They are also alleging that Naresh’s unilateral decisions are spoiling the association. Both sides are after the other’s throat. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha are trying to bring Naresh down, and they have got decent support. Naresh is mooting a defamation suit on Jeevitha for making defaming comments on him.

Hema, who belongs to Jeevitha’s group, lashed out at Naresh earlier today. She came down heavily on for making allegations on Jeevitha for organizing a friendly MAA meeting in his absence. She went on to say that they have even invited Naresh for the event, but he did not attend. “It is his responsibility as the President to know the issues of the members. I have respect for him, but its high time, he should keep his ego aside and meet the members to resolve their problems. We do not want to come before media, but you forced us,” Hema alleged.

Keeping aside who is right and who is wrong in this issue, both sides are successfully demeaning the image of the association and the mandate given to them. People who know these issues in and out say this is just due to the egos on either party. Its high time industry biggies interfere and settle things between both the parties.