MAA Difference with Its Ex- President Opened Up

From past couple of days Tollywood film industry is shaking with Drugs related issues, recently a few celebrities from industry received notices from Enforcement department special investigation team (SIT) to cooperate with the investigation proceedings.

Yesterday some names are circulating wide in media circles as these popular personalities in Tollywood received notice from SIT, a couple of persons accepted that they received the notice and some denied. After media focusing a lot on Tollywood linking with Drugs, almost all the Tollywood personalities commented openly not to portrait entire film industry peoples are drugs, addicts or peddlers.

Entire industry saying that only few 10 or more members are there in the industry, uses drugs and it is individual’s issue, but here the differences of opinions in the industry are coming out. MAA ex-president Rajendra Prasad who is in Tirupathi has reacted on these drugs in Tollywood issue; he said “Some B and C grade artists are addicted to drugs due to their frustration at not achieving their goals. They should not opt for immoral things. I will counsel the young generation if needed,” Asked about rumors of drug addiction among film personalities in the Telugu industry, Rajendra Prasad said, “As a responsible artist, I have to open up on the issue. As per the previous and present experience, we can see that no first class actor is involved.”

In counter to Rajendra Prasad statement on this drugs,  MAA association president Sivaji Raja request media not to contact any middle person who is not related to any position MAA in this drugs related issue. He requested media to call him or MAA secretary Naresh anytime if they want any clarification on this case.

Following Sivaji Raja and Naresh, some senior artist like Jeevitha, Sivaji, and others not agreeing with Rajendra Prasad’s opinion and trashed the media not to focus more on the film industry. Hero Sivaji said there is no B (or) C grade artist in the industry, we all are artists some becomes successful and some are trying hard to get success, I will not agree with Rajendra Prasad Garu opinion on this. Time decides what kind of difference of opinions will come out from industry in this Drugs issue.