Maari 2 Live Updates / Review

Live Rating: 2.5/5.0

The second half of the film is slightly better than the first half. Director failed to impress the audience with the regular commercial based mass story there is nothing much to talk about the storyline. Overall it’s a regular routine formula based film. Tamil version may attract B and C centers audience due to Dhanush mass appeal. Sai Pallavi did her best director failed to utilize Varalakhmi’s talent by giving normal role which doesn’t have much screen presence. We need to wait and see how the audience will receive.

12: 50 PM: Happy ending with regular climax…

12: 40 PM: The film is tending towards climax… Maari trapped Villain, he gets into trouble… The final high voltage action sequence… Last fight between  Tovino Thomas and Maari.

12: 30 PM: Varalskhami filed a case against  Tovino Thomas in court and Tovino Thomas plans to kill witness but Varalakshmi warns him that Maari will save witness.

12: 25 PM: Its time for most circulated dialogue in the trailer … I am Bad… I am  Its dad… the response in theaters for this dialogue is good

Not much interesting scenes are happening in the second half…

12: 20 PM: It got revealed that Maari came back to the city for his Son running competition and meet Varalashmi.

12: 10 PM: Sai Pallavi dies while giving birth to a baby boy… Maari named his son as Kalai, his close friend Krishna Kulasekaran name.

12: 05 PM: The film shifted to the small village… Sai Pallavi was half paralyzed due to bullet hit during the interval fight… Maari marries her and turns as an auto driver for their livelihood. Both lives in a small village. It’s time for romantic number ‘Maari’s Anandhi..’ Song okay.

12: 00 PM:  Maari comes to Varalakshmi’s house and requests her not to do any search for finding his whereabouts…. started telling his story..

11: 55 AM:  Krishna Kulasekaran came to know the actual truth that Tovino Thomas is the main culprit but he is helpless to fight against him. In meanwhile Varalakshmi tries to find Maari who is absconded from several years.

11: 50 AM:  The second started… Varalakshmi promoted from Collector to Election Commission head. Tovino Thomas turns as a politician with help of Maari friend Krishna Kulasekaran.

The first half of the story is normal, only songs are good, the director didn’t try to make any twist in the story so far. Sai Pallavi did her best.  If second half goes in the same flow it may end up with the below average film

11: 40 AM:  The film is tending towards interval bang… High voltage fight…Maari gets backstabbed… Sai Pallavi gets wounded… Maari along with his gang escapes… Interval bang

11: 35 AM:  Tovino Thomas kills one person in Maari friends gang and alleges that Maari killed him. Angered Krishna Kulasekaran sends some persons to kill Maari…

11: 30 AM:  Maari who felt that local rival villain is the reason behind his friend going away from him and kills that local goon.

11: 25 AM:  Maari’s friend parted away from him and forms another gang and accepts drugs deal.

So far the movie is running on at a routine pace

11: 20 AM:  Maari and his friend got the differences and small verbal war due to miscommunication.

11: 10 AM:  Tovino Thomas tries to the ignites spat between Maari and his friend Krishna Kulasekaran.

11: 00 AM:  Sai Pallavi loves Maari… But he ignores her.. Sai Pallavi roaming around Maari.. It’s time for Rowdy Baby song… The song is good Sai Pallavi Dance moves are fantastic… She is doing her best in mass appeal.

10: 55 AM:  Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar entry as Collector and gives warning to Maari to stop his all illegal business

10: 50 AM:  Tovino Thomas meets local rival of Maari and plans to kill him

10: 45 AM:  Maari’s local rival goons accepts a drugs deal rejected by Maari… But Maari tries to stop it because he never encourages drugs, women trafficking type of deals which will affect the common man’s life.

10: 40 AM:  Its time for the first song ‘Maari Century’… Complete mass song based on friend shot on street set.

10: 35 AM:  Sai Pallavi entry as an auto driver… Mass appeal

10: 30 AM:  Krishna Kulasekaran introduced as Dhanush friend… Dhanush and his friend are rowdies and they have spat with some other group.

10:20 AM:  Some goons started an enquiry about Maari… Dhanush entry…It’s time for the first fight… The fight is just okay.

10:10 AM:   Tovino Thomas escaped from Jail for killing Maari…Tovino Thomas showed as main villain

10:00 AM:  The Movie Started… Titles rolling

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One of the Tamil Top heroes Dhanush along with Natural beauty Sai Pallavi is coming to entertain the audience with a mass entertainer ‘Maari 2’. This comedy cum mass entertainer is a sequel of 2015 release Maari. Malayalam hero Tovino Thomas will be playing the antagonist in the movie. The film has a simultaneous release of both Telugu and Tamil versions on Dec 21st. The movie is being produced under Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films and is directed by Balaji Mohan of ‘Love Failure’ fame.

The Live review of Maari 2 will be updated from 7 PM EST on Dec 20th (5:30 AM IST on Dec 2s1st). Watch this space for Live Review