Macho Hero Shared Gautham Nanda Secrets

Macho Hero Shared Gautham Nanda Secrets

Macho hero Gopichand who is struggling hard for a proper hit from a long time is getting ready to bounce back with his ready to release film “Gautam Nanda”. The film is slated for grand release on July 28th. Gopichand is romancing hot beauties Hansika and Catherine Tresa in the film directed by Sampath Nandi. Gopichand is vigorously participating in promotions of the film, he shared some interesting secrets and revealed the concept of the film.

Gopichand speaking to scribes said “I play a billionaire, who has an eccentric streak about him. The film is based on a journey of self-exploration that he sets out on. My character has dual shades to him; it is a unique concept that is told in a completely commercial manner.“

Sharing the secrets of Gautam Nanda, he said “Sampath delivered exactly on what he had promised initially and that’s all I ask for. Incidentally, he got the idea for Goutham Nanda after reading a book written by Ramana Maharishi (19th-century spiritual guru), and the underlying philosophical curve of the film is something that everyone can relate to,“

He goes on to add “After watching Goutham Nanda, everyone will feel the need to introspect at one level or the other. But having said that, the message is told subtly without compromising on the entertainment quotient.“

Gopichand performed sky diving stunt in Dubai on a bike creating sensation becoming the first hero to do so. He says “There are four action sequences in the “There are four action sequences in the film that will be a treat for the audience.We worked very hard for them and they turned out brilliantly,“

On his frequent action entertainers, he questions “Why would I want to compromise on that just to reach out to a wider audience at the expense of my image which is my strength?”.

Finally, he answered the question of interviewer about the drugs issue in Tollywood, he said in every industry it there, and I think it’s not right part to announce the celebrities’ names before proving their links it will affect their careers and future.