Madhanam Movie Review

Madhanam Movie Review and Rating

Movie: Madhanam

MFS Rating: 1.5/5

Director: Ajay Sai Manikandan

Cinematography : PG Vinda

Music: Ron Ethan Yohann.

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Behind the screens:

Touted to be based on true events, Madhanam is an intense love story about true love. Debutant Srinivasa Sai and Bhavana Rao play lead roles in the film directed by Ajay Sai Manikandan and produced jointly by Ashok Prasad and Divya Prasad.


Ram is a loner and hates facing the real world. He falls madly in love with a girl Suji and he assumes she also has the same feelings for him. But, she gives him a shock of his life by introducing her boyfriend who turns out to be a criminal. Who is her Boyfriend, why is Ram a loner, will Ram win the love of Suji forms the rest of the story in a nutshell.


Newcomers Srinivasa Sai and Bhavana Rao are natural and they have done a good job considering it is their first movie. Both have a good future in Tollywood if they chose the right projects. Senior actress Sithara has given a good performance as the mother. Other actors like Ajay, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh (Gay Gangster) have done a decent job.

Technical Department:

The film boasts of decent technical values with respect to the limited budget. The cinematography, music, BGM are all not bad according to the standards. The dialogues are good at some places but most of them are routine.


The main culprit of the film is the story and screenplay. The main point chosen is nice and the film had potential to be another 7/G Brindavan colony. But the writer-director couldn’t develop it into a proper script. The first half is meaningless with every scene being nothing less than a torture. The director tried to give the film a poetic touch with colors but all his efforts fell flat. The second half is slightly better as the film gives some clarity on where the story is heading. The climax is completely predictable and has been handled very amateurishly. The film is boring, confusing and also very depressing. There is absolutely no entertainment in the film with no comedy and the emotions don’t touch your heartstrings. The Indian audience should thank the makers that they released this film only in the US. But I am wondering what sin have the US audience committed to deserve Madhanam. The film is completely avoidable and is a sure shot disaster.

Movie Marks: Madhanam, a painful watch

Cast: Srinivasa Sai, Bhavana Rao, Sithara, Ajay, Ajay Ghosh, Tanikella Bharani.

Banner: Kasi Productions

Producers: Ashok Prasad, Divya Prasad

Release Date: 6th December 2019