Mahanati inches towards the Two Million Dollars Club

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Mahanati – The Biopic of Legendary Actress Savitri is having a fantastic run at the USA Box Office. After having a solid start with sensational numbers for a Tuesday premiere, the film ended the first weekend on a high with $ 1.6 Million Dollars. On its first Monday and Tuesday, Mahanati collected $62K and $131K respectively, taking the total past $1.85 Million at the USA Box Office. Trade circles are expecting the film to breach into the Two Million Dollars club in this week. It will be a big achievement for a film with no star presence. Critics are calling the film as a classic which is prompting people to flock to the theaters.
With the word of mouth and reviews being ultra-positive, the trade experts are expecting a minimum of Two and Half Million Dollars if not more in its full run. If it happens, it will be a significant film since the movie has no star hero in its ranks. The absence of no biggies for the next few weeks will also help the movie to a big extent. The movie is expected to do wonders at the domestic box office. A 40 Crore Share Worldwide is very much gettable in the full run.

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