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The Biopic of Legendary Actress Savitri ‘Mahanati’ Directed by Nag Ashwin starring Keerthy Suresh, Dulquer Salmaan, Samantha Akkineni and Vijay Devarakonda and others is all set for a grand release on Today.

Here are the Live updates from USA premier show begins at 3:00 PM EST (12:30 AM IST).

12:30 AM (IST): Movie Just Started in Bangalore 1980…Savitri was admitted in a hospital as an orphan by an unknown young boy. She is in a comma (an unconscious state), doctors treating her.

12:40 AM (IST): Movie shifts to 1981 Chennai…

12:45 AM (IST): Some characters introduction started- Tanikella Bharani introduced as News Paper chief, Samantha working under Tanikella Bharani as a journalist, Vijay Devarakonda entry as a photographer who roams around Samantha.

12:50 AM (IST ): Tanikella Bharani orders Samantha to cover a story on Savitri who is in the comma from past one year.

12:55 AM (IST ): Dulquer Salmaan introduced as Gemini Ganesan

01:00 AM (IST ): Naresh introduced as senior Photographer who narrates Savitri life history to Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda.

01:05 AM (IST): Story Shifted to flash back- 25 years back, Keerthy Suresh entry as legendary actress Savitri.

01:11 AM (IST): The film shifted back again to 1940, the childhood of Savitri – Rajendra Prasad introduced as K.V.Chowdary (Savitri’s Maternal Uncle) and Bhanupriya entry as Durgamamba (Savitri’s Maternal Aunt) both narrates her childhood story to Samantha.

01:15 AM (IST): It’s time for first song ‘Aagipo Baalyama’… it portrays Savitri’s childhood.

01:20 AM (IST): Savitri starts learning dancing from childhood

01:25 AM (IST): Savitri is a movie freak- she watches movies a lot… Savitri watching ANR film -Nagachaitanya entry in ANR’s role.

Savitri film Journey Begins… 

01:30 AM (IST): Savitri along with her Maternal Uncle K.V.Chowdary comes to Chennai for movie chance.

01:35 AM (IST): Savitri and K.V.Chowdary went to movie set…  Mohan Babu entry as S.V. Ranga Rao and NTR entry… Who played NTR’s role need to watch on big screen?

01:40 AM (IST): Savitri didn’t get any offers, she along with her uncle K.V.Chowdary back to her village Chirravuru near Guntur. After returning back, Savitri photo was published I magazine and she got a chance in a movie opposite ANR.

01:45 AM (IST): Srinivas Avasarala entry as L. V. Prasad. Unfortunately, Savitri didn’t perform well and eventually, she was out from the film.

01:50 AM (IST): She gave an audition to another film, where she mesmerized entire crew with her performance. Her challenging attitude was shown on this single scene

01:55 AM (IST): Then she never looked back.. her career is on peak… She is learning Tamil

02:00 AM (IST): Its time for a second song… ‘Sada Nanu…’ Savitri and Gemini Ganeshan.

The film is running at a very slow pace… 

02:05 AM (IST): Gemini Ganesan Proposes Savitri .. Love story between both stars kick-started

02:10 AM (IST): Gemini Ganesan ties knot to Savitri secretly at a temple in a small village where only these both are present…

02:15 AM (IST): Savitri marriage led to a permanent rift with her uncle KV Chowdary because Ganesan was already married, had four daughters and was involved in an affair with another actress Pushpavalli.

02: 20 AM (IST): Savitri marriage became public when she signed an advertisement contract as Savithri Ganesh. With this, the first came to end.

In the first half of the film, Director Nag Ashwin narrated the real story without any cinematic element. He showed his thoughts on big screen. The production values are good and music is apt. But the film is running at a very slow pace. Let us wait and see how he comes –up the film in second half.
USA Premiers Collections at 4:30 PM (EST) – $138,960 From 129 Locations

02:25 AM (IST): The second half started with a scene Gemini Ganesan back to his first wife Alamelu to tell her that she married Savitri. Malavika Nair entry as Alamelu.

02:30 AM (IST): After some sentiment scene, Gemini Ganesan back to Savitri. Now the world recognizes her as at Savitri Ganesan.

02:35 AM (IST): It’s time for the third song ‘Mooga Manasulu’ – The song was completely shot on lead pair Savitri & Ganesan in sets and used some graphics. Song visualization is good.

02:40 AM (IST ): Savitri decided to stop films but Aluri Chakrapani insisted her to do a film ‘Maya Bazar’ (Prakash Raj played Aluri Chakrapani’s role in this film)

02:45 AM (IST ): Maya Bazar Shooting started… Savitri acting is outstanding… After Maya Bazar release her craze went on peaks. Savitri is still away from her family… She is living with Gemini Ganesan. Both blessed with Baby Girl.

02:50 AM (IST ): It’s time for much waited, ‘Mahanti Song’… The song is awesome. Director showed Savitri’s soft, down to earth and helping nature in this song. he portrays Savitri as a goddess on earth in this song. And he Elevates her hospitality, philanthropic gestures. It’s very good.

02:55 AM (IST): Savitri gets huge offers she turned as popular actress… at the same time, Gemini Ganesan film career was letting down with back to back flop. Meanwhile, Savitri gave birth to Baby Boy.

03:00 AM (IST ): Gemini Ganesan started feeling jealous. The distance both is increasing day by day. Ganesan who is disappointed with articles in the newspaper regarding his career fights with Savitri and started drinking. He also insists Savitri for drinking alcohol. She drank for the first time.

Savitri’s downturn started in the late 1960s.
USA Premiers Collections at 5:30 PM (EST) – $149,532 From 129 Locations

03:05 AM (IST ): She started direction career. But not succeeded as director. In meanwhile she came to know that Ganesan had an affair with another lady.  She went into depression and become alcoholic.

03:10 AM (IST ): The people around her started cheating for money… Her properties seized by Income tax officials… Slowly she is losing all her earnings.

03:15 AM (IST): After getting two back to back flops as a producer, all are started moving away from Savitri. No one from family is coming forward to help her.

03:20 AM (IST): Couples of scenes are undergoing which showcases her kind heart and hospitality. The situations are getting ruined, Savitri went to depression and addicted to alcohol (Turned into an alcoholic).

03:25 AM (IST): It’s time for final song ‘Chivaraku Migiledi’…

03:30 AM (IST): The film came to the end.  Director has not shown Savitri’s death on the big screen… Just he ended with a statement.

It’s a perfect biopic. Director purely attempted to show only the original life story of legendary actress Savitri. He didn’t mess up the real story with a cinematic touch. Overall it’s a good attempt from director Nag Ashwin but at the same time, the slow pace is the main drawback. Except Mahanati song remaining songs can be dealt in a better way, BGM is good and production values are good.
The most important thing all will talk after coming from theaters is about Keerthy Suresh. She gave her 100% best to Savitri’s role. No another actress can be imagined or can do justice to Savitri’s role director made a perfect choice by selecting Keerthy for this biopic.  
Finally, it’s an award-winning film but it may not get commercial success because this film is only meant for the multiplex audience (A- Center Audience), it may not work out in B & C centers. We need to wait and see how youth will receive this kind of film.
USA Premiers Collections at 6:30 PM (EST) – $160,908  From 129 Locations

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