Mahanati Remarkable Feat in Nizam

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Mahanati – The Biopic of Legendary Actress Savitri has pulled off a sensational feat in Nizam region. The movie has crossed the 10 Crore Share mark in Nizam by the end of its third Monday after the release. This is a remarkable feat for a film with no star heroes and the movie has started with just 65 Lakhs opening on its release day which indicates how it improved later. The movie is looking at 40 Crore Share Worldwide in its full run at the box office which makes it the biggest hit in the recent times in terms of Return on Investment.

Trade Experts say that the movie will recover all of its investment from the non-theatrical sources. It has already crossed the 2.5 Million Dollars Gross at the USA Box Office making it the Sixth Biggest Grosser of All Time in Telugu Film Industry. In both the Telugu states, the makers will walk away with the most of profits as they have released the film on their own. Producer Aswini Dutt has announced his comeback to the cinema in a grand style with this film. He stopped film production for a while after the debacle of NTR’s Shakthi in 2011.

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