Maharshi Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:24 pm

Superstar Mahesh Babu’s prestigious 25th film Maharshi is all set for a grand release on the 9th of May. The superstar will be seen as a College goer and a CEO of an MNC company. Happening beauty Pooja Hegde is the leading lady in which we can also See Allari Naresh in a crucial role. This Vamsi Paidipally’s directional have star producers Dil Raju, Aswini Dutt and Prasad V Potluri bankrolling it.


Rating: 3.25/5

Punchline: Rishi wins Love, Maharshi wins Hearts

Final Talk: Mahesh Babu is back with a good message-oriented entertainer. The first half of the film is light-hearted and youthful with good comedy elements. The college episodes have come out really well. The real story starts in the second half which mostly goes in serious mode. There are some good emotional, heart touching and inspiring moments like the press meet scene. Performances are top notch especially from Mahesh and Allari Naresh. The village fight scene in the second half is one of the highlights of the movie. The songs are nice and look good on-screen. The BGM is effective. The production values are grand and deserves distinction marks. The drawbacks are the length of the movie and the second half reminds us of Srimanthudu and Bharat Ane Nenu. Overall Maharshi gets into the hearts of both youth and family.

US collections update: Maharshi collects $329,461 From 194 Locations (06:00 PM EST)

03:45 AM: Jagapathi Babu is arrested and Rishi wins the village. The movie comes to an end with the emotional song ‘Ide Katha’ 

03:39 AM: Rishi’s press meet scene going on where he explains about the struggles and lives of Farmers, which is quite inspirational.

03:30 AM: Some serious sentiment scenes are going on as the difficulties of farmers are being showcased. The film is going in a good way.

03:23 AM: Time for ‘Padara Padara’ song, shot beautifully against the backdrop of Mahesh doing farming. The best song in the film. 

03:18 AM: Jagapathi misleads the villagers and Mahesh is forced to leave the village. And there goes another fight scene. The film right now going through shades of ‘Srimanthudu’ 

03:10 AM: Jagapathi plans to kill Allari Naresh by creating a rivalry between villages. Allari Naresh is stabbed but Mahesh enters as the savior. Here comes the best fight sequence in the movie. A treat for Mahesh Fans.

02:57 AM: Time for massy ‘Paala Pitta’ song after Pooja falls for Rishi again. Mahesh dances are just about okay. 

02:50 AM: Actress Ananya plays Sai Kumar’s daughter who is in love with Allari Naresh.

02:45 AM: Pooja Hegde, along with comedian Vidyullekha makes a comeback into the story who comes to Allari Naresh’s village for some official work. ’30 years’ Prudhvi enters as a news reporter. Some comedy scenes going on. 

US collections update: Maharshi collects $313,061 From 193 Locations (05:00 PM EST)

02:36 AM: Rishi takes up the challenge and starts his own office in the village. The situational song ‘Phir Shuru’ going on now

02:30 AM: Sai Kumar is the good-hearted Village head, Posani Krishna Murali is the MP and Nasser is the helpless Chief Minister who cannot do anything to save the farmers from the corporates. Enter the main villain, Jagapathi Babu as Vivek Mittal who is the corporate head and wants to grab the lands of the farmers. 

02:25 AM: Mahesh goes to East Godavari to meet Allari Naresh in his village. Naresh tells Mahesh about the corporate vs farmers issue going on and Mahesh stays back to help him fight the corporates.

First Half Report: The first half of the movie is smooth with some good comedy scenes between Mahesh and Allari Naresh. Their chemistry can be said to be the highlight here. The director didn’t reveal much of the story keeping focus mainly on college episodes and seems to have kept the real story for the second half. Overall a decent first half with no boring moments. Rishi succeeds in the first half.

02:09 AM: Mahesh realizes that he has become too materialistic and to make amendments he returns to India. The real journey of Rishi starts. Interval.

02:02 AM: Mahesh comes to know of Allari Naresh’s sacrifice for his success from Rao Ramesh. The special song ‘Nuvvani’ shows the emotional side of the story. 

01:57 AM: The movie shifts to the present day.

01:53 AM: Mahesh lands up in the US for a crucial presentation of his app but his father Prakash Raj dies and he has to come back to India after the presentation.

01:45 AM: Mahesh rejects Pooja’s love as he has to pursue his dreams by going to the US.

01:36 AM: After a funny scene Pooja proposes to Mahesh and it’s time for the hip-hop ‘Everest Anchuna’ song which is picturized lavishly on expensive sets.

US collections update: Maharshi collects $297,350 From 193 Locations (04:00 PM EST)

01:30 AM: A terrific fight scene going on between Mahesh and baddie Mukesh Rishi’s henchmen over some issues in college. 

01:19 AM: Mahesh, Pooja, and Allari Naresh become good friends and their bonding is shown nicely in the ‘Choti Choti Baatein’ song.

01:10 AM: The comedy scenes between Mahesh and Allari Naresh are rocking and the audience is enjoying it.

01:05 AM: Rishi is trying to impress Pooja Hegde, who is his classmate. Allari Naresh as Ravi makes entry into the college and joins Mahesh as his roommate. 

12:59 AM: Rishi moves to Vizag for further studies in IIET. He has some ideological differences with his father Prakash Raj so they don’t talk to each other. 

12:53 AM: The movie goes into flashback mode. Meenaxi Dixit, Vennela Kishore plays Rishi’s classmates while Rao Ramesh is a lecturer.

12:49 AM: Prakash Raj and Jaya Sudha play the parents of Rishi.

IST 12:45 AM: The film has a run time of 178 minutes and it starts with the ultra stylish entry of Mahesh as the Super rich Rishi who takes over as the CEO of a company named ORIGIN. Song ‘Nuvve Samastham’ playing in the background.