Is Sharwa’s Sreekaram The Original Maharshi?

Maharshi was copied from Sreekaaram's script?

Talented Actor Sharwanand is going through a rough patch in his career with flops like Jaanu and Ranarangam. He is now pinning all his hopes on his upcoming film Sreekaram produced by 14 reels banner under the direction of Kishore Reddy who is fondly known as Kishorudu. Just like Tharun Bhascker, he too is a talent to watch out for and has made quite a few short films in the past.

Now we have some exclusive scoop on the connection between Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi and Sreekaram. Dil Raju was impressed by Kishore’s talent after watching his short films and asked him to narrate a story for his production house. Kishore innocently narrated a story of an NRI who finds his roots. But somehow that story reached to Vamsi Paidipally and even without getting Kishore’s consent that was made as Maharshi.

Kishore Reddy who felt cheated by Dil Raju, revised his script and made some major changes and pitched it to actor Sharwanand who loved the story. And that’s how Sreekaram started taking shape. Even today many ask Kishore Reddy if it is the same plot that is being repeated in Sreekaram, he sternly keeps saying a big No.

Let’s hope Kishore Reddy gets justice and Sreekaaram turns out to be a big hit for him as well as Sharwanand.