Mahesh creating nuisance as monarch

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Super Star Mahesh Babu was once famous for his ego-free attitude and joyful easygoing nature. He used to treat his producers and directors with utmost respect. But of late, his behavior has changed radically which is shocking everyone in the industry.

A source reveals that Mahesh is behaving like a monarch, a dictator. His word is the end of everything. If anyone opposes him, that will be the end of his/her career. Usually, when a star takes the advance and gives dates to a producer they make that film with that producer. But Mahesh after taking advances from two producers is giving an ultimatum to both of them that they should co-produce the movie or else cancel the movie. Maharshi is the latest example, where Dil Raju, PVP, and Aswini Dutt are jointly producing the movie. He is also behaving very harshly with the directors and the recent incident with Sukumar is a testimony to that.

Another shocker is that he is also deciding the overseas locations. He is adamant on not shooting in the outdoors of both the Telugu states. He is asking the makers to put on sets for everything as he doesn’t like shooting outdoors. No one wants to speak against him as that would cost them their career. So, all are silently bearing the tantrums of the superstar. Some are of the opinion that Namarata is behind the sudden change of Mahesh’s behavior. We would just like to say Mahesh should learn from his illustrious father who was a messiah to producers.

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