‘Mahesh Khaleja’ Live Review.

 Live Review Started From Theatre.

Live Review Rating : 3.25/5.0

> Finally the film is Mahesh’s one man show with hilarious comedy. The movie is very good in parts like first-class back ground music, realistic fight sequences and exotic photography. As expected Anushka and Mahesh justified their characters perfectly. All the way in this film we can’t expect the extraordinary direction of Trivikram like his pervious film “Athadu”.  

> Villagers start praising him as God and film is ended happily.

> By knowing every thing Raju(Mahesh) fights against Prakash Raj and Tanikella Bhrani. Last fight with Prakash raj and here Raju (Mahesh) tells that if villagers view about mine (If I am god) is correct then you must be died. Unexpectedly the branch of the tree fells on Prakash Raj and he his death happens.

> In the mean time Last song “Makhatika ..” started and its fine.

> In the process of finding the reasons for the removal of medical camp, Raju (Mahesh) met Veda. She is an assistant of murdered Scientist who was a passenger in the first half. She reveals that cause of deaths in the Village and she also tells that this village consists of metal which is more valuable than gold. By knowing this Tanikella Bharani and Prakash Raj wants to take the metal illegally (without telling to the government) that’s why they murdered the scientist and trying to keep the village in their grip.

> Next song ‘Sunday Monday..’ started and the song is quite good.

> In the next scene Bramanandam entered as lawyer and the comedy scenes of Bramanandam is quite good. Actually, the reason behind the deaths in the village is the chemical released by a factory which was situated in that village and that factory was jointly owned by Tanikella Bharani and Prakash Raj.  

> Raju(Mahesh) is back to village and he came to know that the medical camp was removed. Now, he is trying to find the reasons behind the taking away of medical champ from the village. 

> Again Tanikella Bharani came on the screen where he takes back his daughter Anushka to home, in the mean time Raju (Mahesh) also escapes from the village and he reaches back his home. Before his arrival to home, one of the villagers was already present in his house. Due to some incident he has given commitment to the villager that he will be back to village to save them.

> Again villagers start praising him as god. Raju(Mahesh) frustrated with the villagers praises then he is on the way to escape from the village.   

> After completion of the song, there is a Medical camp conducted in that village where Prakash  told his Rowdies to remove the medical champ from the village. Raju (Mahesh) saved the medical champ from the rowdies by fighting with the rowdies. In that process a child was died in the medical champ, where he asks the villages if he is a god then he can save the child. Here a miracle happens when he hugs the child, then fortunately the child came alive.

> In the next scene Rahul Ramesh took Raju(Mahesh) to his village, where Raju(Mahesh) recovers due to medicines given by the village doctor. All villagers praises Raju(Mahesh) as lord, but he dint accept for that and he argues with the villagers. In the process of argument Raju (Mahesh) asks that three miracle incidents to be happened and unexpectedly the three miracle incidents were happened. Forth song ‘Sada Siva..’ started. Excellent song, picturisation is on par and the music was extraordinary which showed the real punch of Mani Shrama.

>  In the final stage of fight Raju(Mahesh) was seriously injured and he fells down in front of Rahul Ramesh, then Rahul Ramsh realizes that Raju (Mahesh) is the person whom he is searching for. He asks Raju(Mahesh) to save his village then Raju(Mahesh) replies that first he must save him.

> After completion of the song, Raju (Mahesh), Anushka and Sunil are going to Bus station, where Sunil left them in the middle to give privacy to the both. After Sunil left them, some body stabbed Raju( Mahesh) from behind and then fight begins. The fight was extraordinary with realistic stunts. 

> By seeing all these things Anushka impressed with the behavior of Raju(Mahesh) and she fell in love with him. Third Song “Pelicha Pedavulapanna..” started, the song is pretty average with superior locations. 

> Second half of the movie is started, actual purpose of Raju (Mahesh) visit to Rajasthan is that he came to give insurance 5Lakhs money to the family of the person who damaged his car and he also wants to take 1Lakh as recovery money from that family. But, after seeing the situation of the family (they are in deprived stage), Raju (Mahesh) change his opinion and withdraws to take his recovery money from the poor family.

> So far the movie is good with some interesting scenes, comedy sequences are pretty acceptable, Mahesh acting was extraordinary and Trivikram Srinivas direction is all right.

> In the next scenes again Rahul Ramesh entered where Safi said in the first scene that the young man will come after 45days, this 45days completed where Mahesh and Rahul Ramesh meet each other. With this first half of the film is ended.

> Anuskha and Prakash Raj’s son came to Rajasthan, where Praksh Raj’s son miss behaves with Anuskha and she escapes from him. Now, flash back ended where Anushka comes in front of Mahesh.

> Till continues in the flash back, where Anushka is a daughter of Tanikella Bharani and he fix her marriage with Prakash Raj’s son who entered as a villain. Tanikella Bharani asks Prakash raj to send his son and his fiancée (Anushka) for outing where they both can understand each other better.

> In the flash back Second song “Boom Boom shaka laka sundari…” started and this song is pretty average. After the completion of the song, Raju(Mahesh) took a passenger to some other place, where that passenger left his purse in the taxi. Then Raju(Mahesh) go inside to handover his purse but there passenger appears like dead body (gunfire occurred between passenger and some other person). Raju(Mahesh) silently comes out from there.     

> In the next scene Sunil introduced as Journalist who came to Rajasthan to make a documentary, Mahesh Babu introduces himself to Sunil as ‘Sitha Rama Raju’ in short cut as ‘Raju’ and he is a Taxi driver. After that first song “Taxi Taxi..” started.  

> After completion of Titles, Mahesh Babu entered in a fight scene. The fight sequence is very realistic and Mahesh looks very handsome.    

> Movie Started in Rajasthan, where the villages in the Rajasthan are becoming Burial Grounds, then Safi asks Rahul Ramesh why our villages are becoming a burial grounds. He replies to Rahul Ramesh that go to south there you can find the 20 Years young man who can save our villages. Titles started.. 

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