Mahesh still not forgiven this director

mahesh sukumar

Mahesh gave a good speech at the Maharshi pre-release event where he thanked all his directors who made his career successful. Yes, he goofed up big time by not mentioning Puri Jagan who gave him the industry hit Pokiri but he made up for it by writing a social media post thanking Puri for Pokiri. But one director deserved to be mentioned in Mahesh speech but wasn’t.

Yes, he is none other than Sukumar. Though he gave a flop like 1-Nenokkadine to Mahesh, it remains a cult film in Mahesh career. Many fans of other heroes too love Nenokkadine for the brilliant taking, direction and unique screenplay of that film. But it seems Mahesh deliberately didn’t take his name after what happened to their project last month. As everyone knows, how Mahesh backed out of Sukumar film after Sukumar offered to make a film with Allu Arjun without informing Mahesh about it. Things got sour between them after Mythri films and Sukumar did some mischief behind Mahesh’s back.

Looks like.. Mahesh doesn’t forget, Mahesh doesn’t forgive!

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