Mahesh Suffers From Sentiment Stroke

Sentiments are common in the film industry and almost everyone follow sentiments as film industry involves huge amounts of money and business. Right after the shocking disaster of Tollywood Super Star Prince Mahesh Babu’s ‘Brhamotsavam’, many started analysing the film failures. However instead of accepting the fact that the film’s weak content, spineless screen-play, story and direction resulted in the disaster, people are drawing solace hiding behind sentiment.

According to it many feel Mahesh suffered from sentiment stroke. His two fims hit the films in the month of May and both the films turned out to be disasters. They are ‘Nijam’ which was released on May, 23rd, 2003 after he scored a superhit with ‘Okkadu’. The film failed though Mahesh’s performance got good marks.

Similarly his film ‘Nani’ released on May, 14th, 2004. SJ.Suryah directed the film after a blockbuster ‘Khushi’. The film failed miserably. From then on till ‘Brahmotsavam’ none of his films were released in May. ‘Brahmotsavam’ hit the screens on May, 20th after his blockbuster ‘Srimanthudu’ and bombed at the box-office. Fans strongly believe in this sentiment.

Fans now strongly hope from now on in future Mahesh should ensure that he will not allow his films to release in the month of May. He is starring in a tri-lingual entertainer under the direction of AR.Murugadoss. Fans expect Mahesh to bounce back and break all box-office records showing his power on silver screen.