Major Surgery for Mohan Babu

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Collection King Mohan Babu is undergoing a major surgery in the United States. His family is accompanying him there. Mohan Babu reportedly sustained a shoulder injury and completed the shooting of Gayatri bearing the pain. That only aggravated the injury. The doctors have advised a surgery and it is going to be a major one. Vishnu has accompanied his father there and so has skipped the promotions of Achari America Yatra as well.
Mohan Babu’s career has slowed down in the recent years. He selectively doing films, particularly on his own production. His last film, Gayatri has ended up as a massive failure at the box office. He is also doing a little cameo in Mahanati, the Biopic of Legendary actress, Savitri. The movie releases on May 9th. There are rumors that he may foray into politics as well and will be contesting the coming elections from YSR Congress. Mohan Babu who was earlier in TDP differed with the party leadership and stood aloof from politics since then. He is related to YSR’s family as his daughter-in-law (Vishnu’s wife), Viranica is the niece of the late Chief Minister. We at join our readers wishing a speedy recovery to the Collection King.

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