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Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Sister and Superstar Krishna’s daughter, Manjula has turned into a director and has wielded the megaphone for Sundeep Kishan’s Manasuku Nachindi which will release on 16th of this month. Here are the excerpts of her latest interview:

Tell us about your film?

It is not that I made this film for the sake of making a film. I invested my heart into the movie and told all that I wanted to tell. It is a Genuine Effort.

What is the Story of the film?

It is a fun-filled Love Story. It is about how we are missing small but precious experiences in life and how to enjoy them. The story tells you about how to mingle with nature.

What are the highlights of the film?

Nature is the biggest highlight. It is also a hero of this story. It is a pure love story. In fact, Manasuku Nachindi is like a sea like film.

How much time did you take for this film?

I took a year to finish this script work. I worked with Burra Sai Madhav for more than six months to finalize the dialogue version of the script.

Did you make this film for Sundeep Kishan?

I completed the script first and narrated it to a few people. But it did not work out. But when I narrated it to Sundeep Kishan, I got a feeling that he is the right man.

Your Family Co-operation?

My husband supported me instantly. My father is very much surprised but when he knew I convinced an outside producer, he became confident and said I will succeed for sure.

How did Mahesh Babu respond?

He is really shocked when I told him. He said the direction is not easy. But when I narrated him the story, he encouraged me a lot.

How about working with Mahesh?

He is one hero with whom every director wants to work. But the time should come. If he calls me and offers to work, I will do.

The story of Pawan Kalyan?

I have a story ready for him. It is the story of how a star hero who leaves everything behind and goes to politics to serve the people. He is the apt fit for the story.

Final Word about Manasuku Nachindi

It is a festival like a film for youth. I am sure everyone will like it.

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