Many Reshoots for Hello?

Akhil Akkineni’s Hello is all set for a grand release on 22nd of this month as Christmas Special. Hello is almost like a make or break for the actor as if the movie ends up as a failure, people will start writing him off. The actor had pinned high hopes on this movie to make it big at the box office.
“For my first film, we were thinking a lot about commercial aspects. I erased everything from my mind and now, all I want to do is to be part of good films. Once you are able to do that, numbers will flow. We have done a lot of work for Hello. We have re-shot quite a bit and made every scene the way it was supposed to be done,” Akhil explains in an interview. The young actor trained for nearly 65 days and shot for 30 days to get these stunts right. Vikram should also bag a hit and prove that he is not a one film wonder. On the other side, the Trade is taken back by the offers the movie is getting despite the actor’s first movie being a disaster and they say as a producer Nagarjuna had nearly 20 Crores table profit on this movie taking account of the pre-release business. This is a huge return on investment