Marriage Season at Tollywood Box Office

In the real World, it is Ashada Masam which is considered inauspicious time for marriages. But then it is exactly opposite at the Tollywood Box Office. Starting today, there are three marriages in Tollywood for the next three weeks. To be precise, three films relating to marriage are releasing. Sumanth Ashwin and Niharika Konidela’s Happy Wedding has released today.
Sushanth’s Chi La Sow releasing the next Friday also revolves around marriage. It is the story of a man who is reluctant to marry. And the last such film is Srinivasa Kalyanam which is again the marriage story of a Techie and a girl who works in a coffee shop. Happy Wedding is carrying an average talk at the box office. Except for Nithin, remaining two heroes are desperately in need of a hit to steady their career. In fact, these films are almost like do or die for the young heroes. Even for Nithin, his last couple of films – Lie and Chal Mohan Ranga have ended up as big flops at the box office and is keen on bagging a hit to prove a point. Let us see if the marriages bring a festive mood to the actors as well.