Mehbooba Review

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Movie: Mehbooba

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Behind the Screens:

Puri Jagannadh who is out of form for a long time is trying his luck once again at the box office, this time by introducing his son, Akash Puri as a hero in Mehbooba. Let us see how the movie releasing today fares with the audience.


Roshan (Akash Puri) from Hyderabad and Afreen (Neha Shetty) from Lahore recall their previous life and love. Afreen comes to Hyderabad for higher studies and Roshan helps her. The struggle the couple undergo when Afreen parents want to take her back to Pakistan and why they could unite in their previous birth forms the rest of the story.

Star Shine:

Akash Puri already has enough experience as a Child Artist and it helped in this debut. He came up with a very good performance. He is extremely confident whatever be the situation. Neha Shetty looked tender and impressed with her act as well. Murali Sharma and Sayaji Shinde are okay as usual. There are several unseen actors in the film who are not that significant.


Puri Jagannadh has picked up a routine story for the film but the screenplay is impressive. But somehow, the movie lacks the pace which is expected from the director. The locations selected to can the film are realistic and impressive. Production Values are very good. Camera work and the Music are good. Songs are passable. Visual Effects are natural. Dialogues are good.


Mehbooba is the story of two lovers who do not unite in their previous birth and wants to become one now. Puri tried to change his style for the film but in the process missed his own mark of commercial elements and pace. The first half of the film is average and the second half progresses well. The war sequences are really good. But the director misses the trick towards the end of the film. Finally, Mehbooba is an honest love story attempt by Puri Jagannadh moving out of his comfort zone.

Movie Marks:

Mehbooba – Puri Jagannadh Tried It Differently


Cast: Akash Puri, Neha Shetty, Murali Sharma, Sayaji Shinde, and Others

Writing and Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Producer: Puri Jagannadh

DOP: Vishnu Sarma

Music: Sandeep Chowta

Editor: Junaid Siddique

Banner: Puri Jagannadh Touring Talkies and Puri Connects

Release Date: 11th May 2018

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