Mehreen Hits Back at Aswathama Makers

The producers of Ashwathama, Ira Films team were miffed with actress Mehreen Pirzada and accused her of unprofessional attitude as we reported earlier today. Now, the F2actress has hit back at the allegations made against her.

A few hours back, she posted, “Making movies on women empowerment but disrespecting them in real life doesn’t make sense. I stand up when it comes to my dignity & self-esteem. I believe in mutual professionalism & respect for an individual’s personal space. (sic)”

She further stated that it was she who settled down all the bills and paid her staff. With a heavy heart, she tweeted, “There are two sides to every story and I felt that I cannot keep quiet when my professional reputation is dragged through the dirt.”

We, at least, don’t know whom to believe!