Mehrene Kaur Pirzada Interview

Mehrene who made her debut with Nani’s Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha has turned busy in the industry doing back to back films. Her new film, Jawaan opposite Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej is releasing on December 1st. Here is the chitchat of Mehreen with the media on this occasion:

Q: What is Your Character in Jawaan?

I play a character by name, Bhargavi and will be seen as a Painter. She is a bubbly girl and a girl who is clear about what she wants in life.

Q: What is the difference between Jawaan and remaining films?

I used to be seen in very normal characters in my previous films. I will be seen glamorous in this film and my character will also have the different shade.

Q: How is it working with Sai Dharam Tej?

Very Happy working with him. Tej is always smiling and happy. We have become good friends and it is very easy working with him.

Q: Sai Dharam Tej is a Good Dancer. How is it Dancing with Him?

Tej is a Good Dancer. I did not learn dance since my childhood and I do not know dance much even after coming to films. I have some good movements in this film and even went for dance classes. I will ensure that all my future films have good dance movements.

Q: This is only the second film of BVS Ravi. Are you concerned about it?

You will be surprised if I tell you I signed the film even without knowing the script. I do not know the script even now. I trusted his trust in me fully and signed the film. I signed this film on the second day after Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gadha release. He worked really hard for the film and I signed the film for him. I am confident of the film’s success.

Q: Do you think it will be the best film of your career?

I will not say so. All my films so far got me the good name. Every film got me special recognition. Everything is the best film.

Q: What are your next films?

I recently signed Gopichand’s Landmark 25th film. A newcomer Chakri is directing the film. This is the only project I signed so far.

Q: Any Bollywood Plans?

I do not have such special plans. I am not planning to do some films here for practice and go there. Telugu Film Industry will be superior to me always. I am proud working here. Tollywood and Bollywood are not different for me, Cinema is always the Prime. As of now, Tollywood is on the Top, I believe.

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