'Mem Vayasuku Vachcham' Music Review

‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham’ Music Review

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Tanish, Neeti Taylor’s ‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham directed by Trinadha Rao celebrated its audio launch recently. Sekhar Chandra composed music for the flick. Let us see what wonders he created with his tunes. 

Love You Antundi

 Artist(s): Revanth

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar


This is a remix number from a old song which will capture the imagination of all. Revanth’s voice and background chorus worked out well for the number. 

Love Nuvvila Oka Navvuto

 Artist(s): Sekhar Chandra

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar 

Sekhar Chandra brings his singing skills to the front. He did wonders to the song with his unique voice. Tone is a mix of western beats and drums along with slow tone in the background. The way Sekhar sang Nuvvila looks really amazing. 


 Artist(s): Ranjith

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar  

Though the lyrics have a tinge of melancholy in them asking lover not to leave him, the tune and the song has all the ingredients to become a top number. Ranjith gets credit for making it a mesmerising number with drums used by Sekhar Chandra helping the cause.  Words like ‘Kanupapalo unna kanti reka, cheekatayyindi nuvvuleka’ touches the hearts of the lovers. 

Manasuku Emaindo

 Artist(s): Anjana Soumya

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar 

Only song in the album sung by female and Anjana Soumya’s voice spellbounds all. ‘Manasuku emindo, nidaralo emindo cheppanantundi, kuduruga undamante kudaranantondi’ brings back sweet memories to lovers. The way Anjayna rendered the song appeal to all.  

Giftlu Istadu

 Artist(s): Geeta Madhuri,Tejaswini

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar 

A peppy number sung by Geeta Madhuri and Tejaswini. Geeta Madhuri has the reputation for singing these numbers and she did full justice to the song once again. 

Oopirilo Oopiriga

 Artist(s): Harishika,Deepu

Lyrics-Bhaskarabhatla Kumar 

Only duet in the song and is a melody number sung by Harshika and Deepu. Deepu’s singing of ‘O cheli …ledule avasaram’ mesmerises all while Harshika ‘nine nine premistunna’, ‘sarikottaga anipistondi nuvuvue kala lanipisotndi’  etc leaves mark on all. The background chorus brings back memories of Rahaman’s hit composition ‘Kannanule’ from ‘Bombay’ 

 Final Track

Overall Sekhar Chandra earns good scores for his gripping music. Somewhere down the line one gets the feeling all his numbers resemble same with more usage of drums and keyboard. He can take big stride if he tries to be more innovative and creative.

‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham’ Music Review
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