MLC Elections Result of Godavari Districts

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The result of MLC elections for Graduates Constituency, in Godavari Districts, was out a while ago. I Venkateswara Rao( IV) has won the race with a majority of 58255 votes. Aditya Sesha Reddy has lost the election as he got 38415 votes.  However, after a long time, Venkateswara Rao has proved that name and fame can overshadow money power in democracy.

In the Previous MLC elections Candidates distributed Cell phones and Silver Glasses to attract voter, this time as the voter’s list was huge, Gifts were not given, but, Educational institution Contestants used their Staff and manpower for Canvasing.

Ill Venkateswara Rao- 96670 votes

N Sesha Reddy Aditya. – 38415

Majority – 58255.

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