Movie Pass New Business Model – Will It Survive?

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Movie Pass, a revolutionary concept which has benefitted several films in the USA market is undergoing severe stress. The company is undergoing a severe financial crunch and as a result, is tweaking its business model to sustain. Movie Pass first started with a monthly fee of 9.95 Dollars allowing the user to watch one movie per day and is a rage back then.

They have recently introduced Peak Pricing and also restricted its user to watch a movie only once. After the recent cash crunch, the company announced the increase of price to $14.95 per month. But after a lot of negative feedback, the company decided to drop the price hike but announced that the users can only watch three movies per month now. The new system will roll out from August 15th and the company believes this will not affect its user since only 15% watch more than three films a month. That will still work out to Three Dollars for a film and will be still beneficial to Telugu audience provided they enable booking for all Telugu films. Let us see what happens to the revolutionary concept and if it really helps the audience with this new model in the coming days.

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