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Live Rating: 2.5/5.0

Movie is a routine story. Director succeeds in making the audience connect to sentimental scenes in the first half whereas he miserably failed to connect with the audience to Sentimental and love scenes in the second half. Akhil did justice to his role and Thaman has given his best background score, in recent time.
As the story falls flat from the beginning of the second half itself and continued to the end. Hyper Aadi and Priyadarshi comedy didn’t work well.
Overall it may have limited run at the box office due to no other movies releasing this weekend. Overall it’s a below average to average movie. Even The sentimental scenes which were good in the first half may not help the film to sustain near box office for a long run.

8.05 AM IST: It’s a reunion time For both Akhil and Nikky Happy ending. Movie ends with Liplock

8.00 AM IST: Akhil is shifting to Hyderabad, and the movie is running with Routine dialogues and routine scenes.

7.45 AM IST: Now its time for “Naalo Neeku” song.

7.40 AM IST: Time for an action sequence

$54,788 from 123 Locations At 7.40 AM IST/ 9:00 PM EST

7.35 AM IST: Time for Koppamga Koppamga song. The song is good and it is a good relief for audience From ongoing scenes.

Movie is going on in a routine way with slow pace

7.30 AM IST: Subbaraju is arranging a marriage for Nikky

7.25 AM IST: Its time for a small fight. But the action sequel is not up to the mark

7.15 AM IST: Nikky is a neighbor to Aadi. Akhil Proposes to Nikky and trying to get close to Subbaraju.

7.10 AM IST: Akhil realizes his love towards Nikky and he flies back To UK. Hyper Aadi entry as Pullarao( piracy king).

7.00 AM IST: Nikky Went back to Uk. Time for “Yemainado” song it was just an ok song

In First half of the movie, sentimental scenes are good. Songs are good. Here and their Few slow movements Which are small hiccups. We have to wait and see how the second half is going to be.

6.50 AM IST: Nikky leave Akhil time for Intermission

6.45 AM IST: Both families came to know about their love and plans for Marriage. But Nikky comes to know that Akhil is not interested in marriage.

6.35 AM IST: “Hey Nenila” song. Director has showcased Akhil Frustration due to Nikky’s love

6.30 AM IST: Nikky and Akhil plans to love each other for two months and they decided to plan their future

6.25 AM IST: Nikky who is impressed with Akhil’s attitude and behavior Proposes To Akhil

6.15 AM IST:  Time for “Chiru Chiru Navvula” Song. It is In a good set and the song is good

6.05 AM IST: Time for the first action sequence

6.00 AM IST: Ajay’s entry as a gangster and it’s time for the sentimental scene and its good

5.55AM IST: Priyadarshi entry As Akhil’s Friend His Character is similar to Hello Brother comedy.

5.50 AM IST: NagaBabu Entry as Nikki Father. Heroine And Hero’s Nephews are going to get Married.

5.45 AM IST: Movie shifted to India. Akil And Nidhhi Agerwal came to India in the same flight. Rao Ramesh Entry As Akhil’s Uncle

5.40 AM IST: Time For Title song Mr. Majnu. Song is good

$35,144 from 120 Locations At 7:00 PM EST/ 5.35 AM IST

5.35 AM IST: Movie opened in London Nidhhi Agerwal entry as Nikky she rejecting her Marriage proposals Subbaraju entry as her uncle.

5.30 AM IST: Movie Just Started

Akhil Akkineni’s Mr.Majnu is all set for a grand release on January 25th, 2019 as Republic Day special. The film is all about a young man (Vikki) who is afraid of commitment in a relationship. The film has been awarded U/ A certificate without any cuts. The film is being directed by Tholiprema fame Venky Atluri. Watch this space for live review and rating.

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