Mr.Pellikoduku First Premiere Report

Just now first premier show of Mr pellikoduku is screened at Cinemax Hyderabad, and here is the response after the completion of show:

The movie begins at the good pace with nice introduction song of Sunil , followed by comedy and some family drama. Sunil scored 100% in this movie  in his dances and costumes, where the audience are mesmerised in some of the moves. Well the interval twist is decent and the audience are well connected to the first half. Coming to isha chawla, she did her bit to match the performance of kangna in the original, and is successful to her potential . Second half of the film goes more towards sentiment and drama, which you may not expected from Sunilmovies.

Final Comments: Well this can be watched once for songs and dances of Sunil and some of the good entertaining scenes.

Stay tuned for complete review…

Mr.Pellikoduku First Premiere Report
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