Mr.Pellikoduku movie Review

Movie :                    Mr.Pellikoduku

Rating :                     2.75/5

Director :                  Devi Prasad

Producers:                Mega Super Good Films


Behind The Screens

Sunil set his sights on success strikes coming as Mr.Pellikoduku. He is coming with Isha Chawla once again after Poolarangadu. Let us see what impact director Devi Prasad makes with this remake of Bollywood hit Tanu Weds Manu.

Story Line

NRI Buchi Babu (Sunil),who runs a boutique business was called by his parents( Dharamavarapu Subramanyam, Tulasi) to select a bride for his marriage. Buchi Babu who is of the opinion that he should marry the girl on his first match, falls for the daughter of Sugar Subbaraju (Ahuti Prasad), Anjali(Isha Chawla). However eccentric Anjali rejects him and they part ways. However twists and turns results in them meeting again and again. Where it will lead to should be enjoyed on silver screen.

Star Shine

Sunil who is adept at comedy this time tried to show his new talents like dances,stunts and emotions on screen. He pulled out some stunning moves in all of the songs and it will surely thrill masses. His continuation of six pack show will appeal to all. How ever he should take care not to overdo himself else it will become monotonous. Isha chawla did this daring role and she looked beautiful. She looked hot in one or two songs and she showed good expressions while smoking cigaratte. Other players like Vincent, Ravi Babu,Dharmavarapu,MS.Narayana,Ahuti Prasad did justice to their roles. 


Director Devi Prasad tried his best to bring in originality by making some changes. First half progress well with good comedy scenes and when ever pace dipped, comedy used to erput making people get into the story. Second half is filled with too much of sentiment and lack of comedy undid the good work of the first half. Director took special care in the characterisation of Isha Chawla, and it will surely connect well with people. Her change of opinions every now and then is showed with ease without any melo drama. Sunil’s six pack fight in climax is fine but whole cilmax could have been shot well. Devi Prasad though got a good script, failed to capitalise on it with good screenplay and direction.

Production values are good. Editing of Nandamuri Hari is not up to the mark. SA.Rajkumar’s music is ok but background score is not that appealing. Dialogues and comedy scenes went for a toss in the second half. 

Movie Marks
Overall some dishes of Mr.Pellikoduku are tasty and some not!


Directed by :  Devi Prasad
Produced by : N. V. Prasad,Paras Jain
Starring  :   Sunil,Isha Chawla,Vincent,Ravi Babu,Ali
Music by :  S. A. Rajkumar
Cinematography :   Sameer Reddy
Editing by :  Nandamuri Hari
Distributed by : Megaa Super Good Films
BlueSky (Overseas)
Release date(s) 1 March 2013