Music Director Trashed Out Media for Focusing on Drugs Scandal

Music Director Trashed Media Focusing Drugs Scandal

Music Director Cum actor cum writer cum director RP Patnaik is known for a unique style of filmmaking and music composing in Tollywood.  RP Patnaik is one of the talented music composers in the film industry but he failed to prove as actor cum director by making non-commercial films. RP Patnaik is known for making films on current issues in society, his movies like, “Broker”, “Manalo Okkadu” and others elevates social responsibility of common man or the citizen living in Society.

RP Patnaik who reacts on current issues expressed anger on media for magnifying the Drugs links in Tollywood. It is known that all Telugu News Channels almost covering the live streaming of Special Investigation Team interrogation of Tollywood celebrities.  24 X7 media focusing on Drugs links in Tollywood. Yesterday, item girl Mumaith Khan was investigated and media covered the news almost 24 X7 keeping aside of Missile Man APJ Kamal memorial event. RP who is furious on this issue thrashed out media on his face book page. Here is RP post…

“Media today will make the coming generation clueless about general knowledge, as they are more keen on projecting Mumait Khan’s encounter with SIT, than our one of the greatest president Late Abdul Kalam’s Memorial launched today at Rameswaram. Many of our Telugu’s might not be aware of our 14th President is Ramnath Kovind who won the election and took charges as our President as our media was busy projecting some movie stars encounter with SIT. If media is giving right information, then there must be someone leaking the information which is against Law, or media is just guessing, which is absolutely misguiding the ppl. Confused.”

RP Patnaik comments hooked media person, some are in defending mood. Let us wait and see will media reduce the focus on this Drugs links in Tollywood real story or not!!!