‘My Heart is Beating’ Music Review

Music Touch
Hemanth,Rajitha’s romantic enterainer ‘My Heart is Beating’  audio was relased couple of days back. Music is tuned by Michael Makkal and let us see what impact he made on music lovers with his scores.

My Heart is Beating
Artist(s): Kartik,Pranavi

This melody number sung by Kartik and Pranavi leaves a soothing impression on listeners. Karthik ‘my heart is beating’ in a different tone and similarly Pranavi in her own style adds flavor to the song. The beats and the tone maintains the same tempo.

Happy Happy Ga

This fast beat is according to the present trend and Hemachandra did full justice to the inspirational number. The lyrics ‘sonta gadda paina, happy happy ga…ullasamga kalam gadipeddam’ and the same way ‘kallllo chuste vennella’ touches anyone’s heart.

Epudepudey Adola Autundi Nakela
Artist(s): Hemachandra

This is a melody number from Hemachandra. He spellbounds listeners with his voice bringing freshness to the tune. The lyrics ‘kotiswarnala kantilo nuvvu unnavani, veyi bhavalani neeto cheppukovalani’ appeals to all. keyboard,beats were used to perfection. Female chorus is special attraction to the song.

Speedune Mottam Penchesei
Artist(s): Joanna Sirlin

This peppy number in the album brings back memories of the song ‘Yelelama’ from ‘7th sense’. The unique voices of the singers will catch the attention of teenagers especially.

Gatamanta Ek Kerangadi
Artist(s):Deepu,Geeta Madhuri

Deepu and Geeta Madhuri rendered this romantic duet. Lyrics like ‘Ninne aasinchi jagamanta nilichane’ brings forth the skills of the lyricist. Beats in the song with similar tempo attracts listeners.Geeta Madhuri’s sweet and husky voice in the end left every one in daze craving for more from her.

Tanakosam Vychanani
Artist(s): Kartik,

Kartik sang this melancholic song with classical touch. His voice has that grace which pierces anyone’s heart. Beats of the drums get the feeling the lady love is leaving her lover dancing on his heart. Lyrics like ‘Ee kaalam poyedelaa,manasila bhaaramlaga’ leaves everyone with heavy heart.

Kalale Agela O
Artist(s): Chitra,Srikrishna

This is a soothing number from Chitra and Srikrishna leaves people in love in full daze. True to the lyrics the song brings time to stand still with sweet memories

My Heart is Beating(Theme)

The film’s theme is a beauty with melodious music. Full credit to instrumentalists who played them.

Final Track

Michael Makkal exceled in his tunes. He bought different shades of his talent in melody numbers,fast beats,romantic as well as melancholic numbers. Credit should go for director and producer to have utilised him to the core.