Mythri movie review

Mythri movie review

Movie Review-Mythri

Behind the screens

Young hero Navadeep who is looking after a hit for long time is coming along with Sada who disappeared from Tollywood after scoring a hit with ‘Aparichitudu’. Let us see how ‘Mythri’ mesmerises movie lovers on silver screen.

Story Line

Deepak (Navadeep) meets Genious Murthy (Brahmanandam) owner of Hanu TV channel with a creative ad concept. Murthy agrees to Deepak’s concept with the condition that he cast his ad on his PA. Deepak plan to refuse the offer but agrees reluctantly with his friends impressing on him that he should make use of the first opportunity before putting his demands.

Deepak and his team finalises a vacant bungalow in the outskirts of the city for the ad shoot. Deepak as luck would have it convinces Mythri (Sada), a top model in US and the building owner to shoot for his ad when she returns to India during the time. However some mysterious incidents happen in the house including attempt on Mythri’s life. How the secret unravels should be enjoyed in theaters.

Star Shine

Navadeep did his role in a mechanical manner and he needs to improve his expressions more. He did not get much chance to show his dancing and fighting talent. Sada who is making a comeback looked glamorous in sarees and in songs. She however did not get chance to perform. Brahmanandam’s comedy looked stale though one or two scenes evoked laughter while the likes of Kallu Chidambaram, Uttej,"Chitram" Seenu, Suman Setty, Satyam Rajesh tried their best to impress viewers.

 Film’s Analysis

Surya Raju’s story has suspense part but he lacked the skills on how to unravel it in the climax. He looked confused whether to include supernatural elements or end it in a normal manner. It seems he decided on ending it in a normal manner after shooting the black magic and other episodes.
The film lacked romantic and other commercial elements and slow pace of the film is another drawback. Songs tested the patience of the viewers though one song ‘made in India’ was shot beautifully.

Technical Values

Hanu Cine Creations production values are just average. Vikas’ background score stands out rather than his music. Selva Kumar’s cinematography is just average and Vinay’s editing could have been better.

Final Point

Mythri became another monotonous film after promising a lot


Directed by     Surya Raju
Produced by     Rajesh Kumar
Written by     surya Raju
Screenplay by     surya Raju
Story by     surya Raju
Starring     Navadeep, Sada, Bramhanandam, Uttej,"Chitram" Seenu, Suman Setty, Satyam Rajesh

Music by :   Vikas
Cinematography :    sleva kumar
Editing by:     vinay
Banner:     Hanu Cine Creations
Release date(s)    30th, November, 2012



 Rating: 2.5/5


Mythri movie review
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