'Naa Ishtam' Music Review

‘Naa Ishtam’ Music Review

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Rana, Genelia’s romantic entertainer ‘Naa Ishtam’ directed by Prakash Toleti celebrated its audio release couple of days back. The film is produced by Parachuri Kireeti. Chakri tuned music for the film with lyrics taken care by Chandra Bose, Balaji, and Vanamali. Let us see what impact Chakri made with his music.

Naa Ishtam

Artists – Kunal Ganjiwala

The song is a fast beat sung by Kunal. Chorus in the back drop is in sync with the song. Kunal’s voice and the way ‘Chase’ added pep to the song.The beat of the song and the drums makes it a interesting number.

Maa Peddakka

Artists- Geeta Madhuri, Deepti Acharya, Aishwarya

The moment one sees Geeta Madhuri’s name opposite song, people decide that it is an item number. This is again another item number sung by Geeta Madhuri along with Deepthi and Aishwarya. It makes people stand and dance in unision.

Jilele Jilele

Artists- Adnan Sami, Madhuri Sharma

A romantic number sung by Adnan Sami well supported by Madhuri Sharma. Adnan casts magic spell on viewers with his unique voice. The way tempo of the song and tune is changed adds flavor to it. This song has all the qualities to become chartbuster soon.

Haayi Haayiga

Artists- Revanth

Revanth impresses all with this fast romantic solo. Lyrics like chand ka tukuda in the song strikes chord with music lovers.

Changure Andhaale

Artists- Hema Chandra, Uma Neha

A fast beat romantic duet by Hema Chandra and Uma Neha makes lovers shake their feet in unision. The way Hema Chandra sang ‘Changure’ spellbounds all. Uma Neha’s husky voice did wonders to the song.

O Saathiya

Artists- KK

This is the popular song which attracted many even before the release of the album. A beautiful melodious number sung by KK. Musical beats and tunes takes lovers to another world. ‘Nee sakunam kosam chuse prati second ki’, ‘Prema Peru cheppani preyasi peru marani’ like lyrics bring back sweet memories.

Nee Kannullo

Artists- Shaan

A fast beat solo by Shaan leaves all longing for love. Lyrics of the song like ‘nee saapam kuda ishtam’ pierces anyone’s heart.

Final Treat

Chakri after a long time made a come back of sorts and listening to music makes one feel that he made a strong impact with the tunes. He is amply aided by creative skills of Chandra Bose, Balaji, and Vanamali. ‘Naa Isham’ becomes the buzz word for all music lovers and genex  youth.

‘Naa Ishtam’ Music Review
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