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Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s much anticipated high voltage entertainer blended with romantic love story ‘Naa Peru Surya’ is all set for grand release on today.

Here are Live updates from USA Premier show begins from 3.00 AM IST.

3:00 AM (IST): The film just now started at a military campus in Dehradun.

3:15 AM (IST): The film rolls on into flashback Allu Arjun’s entered as angry Surya, Military officer. 

3:20 AM (IST):  Fight in a Pub, Surya beats Minister son, the power dialogue ‘No North India, No South India… there is only one its India…’ Claps and whistles in the theater…

3:30 AM (IST): First Song ‘Sainika….’. Perfectly elevates Surya as a military man. The Song is good.

3:40 AM (IST): The conversation scene between Militant and Surya which was shown in trailer … Surya kills that Militant in Military jail.

3:45 AM (IST): Surya’s dream is to work at the border but he lost his army job due to anger and short temper attitude.

3:50 AM (IST): Boman Irani introduced as Military Major. Rao Ramesh entry an ex-military officer, he is the godfather to Surya. He always supports Surya.

3:55 AM (IST): Rao Ramesh tries to convince higher army officials to take back Surya into the army.  Surya should get medical fitness certificate from top Psychiatrist Ramakrishnam Raju (Arjun) to get back into the army.

3:59 AM (IST): Small twist in the tale of the story.Ramakrishnam Raju (Arjun) is Surya’s fatherRamakrishnam Raju is a Psychology professor.

4:00 AM (IST): Still character introductions.  Surya is back to his hometown Vishakhapatnam. Vennela Kishore also comes in as Bunny’s roommate. Nadhiya introduced as Surya’s mother (Arjun’s wife). Sarath Kumar and Pradeep Rawat introduced as main villains. Both Sarath Kumar and Pradeep Rawat are rivals.

4:05  AM (IST): Surya has some clash on road with Sarathkumar son Thakur Anoop Singh.

4:10  AM (IST): A few counseling scenes are on between Surya and his father Ramakrishnam Raju.

4:15  AM (IST): The film went back to quick flashback mode.  Anu Emmanuel makes an entry as Surya’s lover.  Now its time for second song ‘Beautiful Love…’ The song is good.

4:20  AM (IST): Posani Krishna Murali entry as Anu’s uncle… Some comedy Scenes

4:25  AM (IST): Anu came to know that Surya is army soldier. She asks Surya to convince her father for their wedding. Surya tells break up.. Film the is back to present mode.

4:30  AM (IST ): Unexpectedly Surya meets Anu. The proceedings led to most awaited song ‘Lover Also and fighter also…’  Allu Arjun rocked with his dance a visual treat to fans.  It’s a complete rap type song with western outfit…

4:40  AM (IST ): Rama Krishna Raju (Arjun) introduces Surya to his all college students as his Son and makes an open 21 days challenge that he need not be getting anger in those 21 days. Then only he will certify him as he is fit for the military.

4:45  AM (IST): Surya Accepts 21 days challenge. Interval bang… high voltage action sequence between Surya, Anoop Singh, and his men.. the Fight is terrific

The first half of the film went in a serious mode. Vakkantham Vamsi directly went into the story without any diversions. Action-sequences are good, song are good. Here and there the film went on at a slow pace. So far the movie is good and we need to wait and see what interesting elements director incorporated in the second half.

4:55  AM (IST): Post interval a few anger management scenes are going on. Suya is trying to control his short temper mindset. From his 21 days challenge, Day 1 went well…

5: 00 AM (IST): Day 2 scenes are lending Surya towards anger but he is controlling.

5: 10 AM (IST): Some family scenes are going on between Surya and his family members

5: 15 AM (IST): Sai Kumar makes entry as an ex-army man. He is fighting against Sharath Kumar for a reason.

5: 20 AM (IST):  Regular scenes. Now it’s time for the fourth song  ‘Maya…’

5: 30 AM (IST ): Surya trying hard to complete his 21 days challenge by losing his original character. Sarath Kumar’s men kill Sai Kumar and Surya hides one truth to get sing from his father.

5: 35 AM (IST ): Finally Surya completes 21 days challenge, but small twist Surya asks his father not to sing because he lost his character and unfit for the army.

5: 40 AM (IST ): Some sentiment scenes Surya who is away from his family finally meet them and now it’s time for the colorful song ‘Yenniyello Yenniyello..’ The song is completely shot in a set, it’s colorful.

5: 45 AM (IST ): Surya Back to anger character and he started fighting with goons for Sai Kumar. Another High voltage action sequence,  an intense fight sequence is on between Bunny and Thakur Anoop Singh.

5: 55 AM (IST ): The film is tending towards climax… It’s time for item Iraga Iraga…

6: 00 AM (IST ): Some hard-hitting scenes between Sharath Kumar and Surya… Happy ending with a strong patriotic message.

Overall the film is okay with a strong message. Director Vamsi has stuck on the story without any unnecessary diversions like impending unusual comedy, love scenes etc., Allu Arjun sets the screen on fire with his terrific portrayal. Fights and songs are good. It is a good film with a strong message but commercial success is doubtful. Allu Arjun may receive good applause for his performance and story selection but he may not get expected Box office collections. Let us wait and see how the audience will receive.

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