Naga Babu Afraid of YS Jagan?

Mega Brother Naga Babu used to be very vocal against the TDP Government before the elections. He used to release several videos on Youtube bashing the government and Balakrishna on various issues. Later, Pawan Kalyan gave him Narasapur MP ticket, but he lost. Now that, Naga Babu is in Janasena, his responsibility will only increase.

But then, he chose to be silent even though Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy made a very objectionable remark about Pawan Kalyan’s marriages. YSR Congress leaders are on an attacking spree on Pawan Kalyan for the last few days, but Naga Babu chose to be a mute spectator. There are questions if he has no courage to take on Jagan’s Government?