Naga Babu’s Another Controversial Statement

Nagababu controversial statements on rowdies goondas

Everyone knows Naga Babu is an attention-hungry person. He can stoop to any low to take the attention of social media and YouTube channels. A few days ago, it all started with Naga Babu’s post of praising Nathuram Godse where he said that Nathuram Godse is a true patriot for killing Mahatma Gandhi. Recently he fired on Balayya, for his comments on industry’s bigwigs with Chief Minister KCR. Naga Babu demanded that Balakrishna should apologize for his comments.

Not stopping with that Mega brother has now posted again on his social media account saying the youth should not be dependant on Police and Military to solve issues in the country. He said that today’s generation’s blood is not boiling. One should have the stories of Chatrapati Shivaji, Shri Krishna Deva Raya, Rana Pratap, Raja Raja Chola, Samudra Gupta, etc., for their children so that their blood will be boiling always.

Many netizens started to troll him for inducing hate and violence in a peaceful society.