Nagababu Files Nomination Resting Hopes on Pawan Kalyan

Mega Brother Nagababu has filed his nomination this morning for Narasapuram Parliamentary Segment. The constituency has a vast Kapu Population which may make things a bit easy for the Mega Brother. In his affidavit, Nagababu has shown that he has assets worth 41 Crore. Movable Assets are worth 36.73 Crore while Immovable Assets are worth 4.27 Crore.

He also has liabilities worth 2.7 Crore. Nagababu was once in neck-deep financial troubles due to flops as a Producer. But his financial position got flourished after he entered into Television Industry and his son, Varun Tej becoming a successful hero. Pawan Kalyan is contesting for Bhimavaram Assembly Segment which comes under Narasapuram Parliament Seat. The Mega Brother is hoping that the majority Pawan Kalyan gets in Bhimavaram will make him win in Narasapuram.

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