Nagarjuna Strict Warning To Baba Bhaskar

Nagarjuna who took a break from Bigg Boss for a week is now back with a bang. Right from the starting of the episode, Nagarjuna vigorously carried the show. Especially when reprimanding the housemates, he has given his best. He warned Baba Bhaskar for framing his own rules and for asking women not to wear shorts. He also corrected Vitika by saying she should become a strength to Varun but not weakness.

He also played a game with the housemates where the housemates are given a chance to raise complaints on the other housemates. At the end of Bigg boss weekend episode, Rahul got saved. Remaining four members Ali, Srimukhi, Ravi and Mahesh, were in danger zone. As per our prediction, Ali will get eliminated this week.