Nagarjuna Sweet Warnings in Bigg Boss 3

Like every Saturday episode, this week (E35 of Bigg Boss 3) also started with sweet warnings of Nagarjuna. But this week He took Class to Baba Bhaskar, Ali Reza, and Punarnavi. Nagarjuna Questioned Baba Master for not stopping the fights that are happening in front of his eyes. Not only that, but he also asked Baba, master, to not behave cautiously when a friend like Mahesh is in need.

After taking the class to Baba Master, Nagarjuna gave a severe warning to Ali Reza for his arrogant behavior. He suggested Ali Reza talk in a low voice when any heated argument is going on. For Punarnavi Nagarjuna just advised her to mingle with people whenever she is angry. He said, “Anger will not solve problems, but mingling will do.”

After giving sweet warnings to all Nagarjuna made the housemates played a game. The housemates have chosen their friend, enemy, and Brutus. Finally, Mahesh and Sivajyothi are in the safe zone. Punarnavi Bhupalam, Ashu Reddy, Baba Bhaskar,  Rahul, and Himaja are still in danger zone.