Nagarjuna’s career suicide attempt?

Nagarjuna's next with newcomer Solomon

After delivering one of the biggest disasters of the year Manmadhudu 2, Nagarjuna’s market has considerably come down. His script sense which was impeccable, is being criticized and questioned. Nag fans are furious that Nagarjuna is giving chances to ‘kon-kiska Gottam’ directors and not to experienced creative ones.

And now there is another shocker from Nagarjuna. His next project is most likely to be directed by a debutante named Solomon, who was one of the writers of Maharshi. Nagarjuna seems mighty impressed by his storyline and has asked him to direct the film.

Nagarjuna has given break to some of the best directors in Tollywood like RGV, Krishna Vamsi but now the times have changed and Nagarjuna’s judgment skills are not so perfect like they used to be. So the trade feels that Nag is committing career suicide by doing this film with Solomon.

Only time will tell if Nagarjuna has taken the right decision or not.