Nagarjuna’s Positivism Irks Fans Further

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King Nagarjuna and Controversial Director Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer has ended up as a Big Disaster. The movie will be probably the only film of Star Heroes in Telugu to be ending with Negative Share Worldwide. It surpasses the current Biggest Disasters of Star Heroes – Nagarjuna’s Kedi and Balayya’s Parma Veera Chakra. Needless to say, Akkineni fans are in a depression of sort and are even abusing Nagarjuna for giving a chance to Ram Gopal Varma who is at the lowest point of his career. They are irked further even by Nagarjuna and the makers of Officer.

Nagarjuna posted today that he has moved on and failure is not fatal. He tweeted, “Good morning!! it is Monday again and another week is over. These words by Winston Churchill come to my mind “SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL: IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS.” I smile and I move on. Have a great day!!!”

The Producer of Officer, Sudheer Chandra wrote a long letter saying that he will not deny that the film has failed, but all the trade numbers that have been circulated is totally false. He also said they had to fight enormous negativity on the film even before its release and finally released the film on their own except for five districts. Both these statements have irked the fans further.

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