Nakili movie review

Nakili movie review

Nakili Movie Review

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Behind the screens

Kollywood music director Vijay Antony who impressed Tollywood with his music in films like Shopping Mall, PuliVeta, Mahatma and Daruvu made his debut as hero. Let us see what impression Vijay makes on viewers coming as Nakili.

Story Line

Kartik(Vijay Antony) student of Boston School, aspires to scale the dizzy heights in life. However as he couldn’t achieve much success and in search of greener pastures boards a bus. However as luck would have it, the bus meets with an accident. Karthik who has a lucky escape enters medical college as Md.Saleem and he becomes the best friend of Ashok (Siddharth Venugopal). How Vijay became Md.Saleem and what twists his life takes should be enjoyed on silver screen.

Star Shine

Vijay Antony came out with a good performance as actor. He showed he has talent and even excelled in giving beautiful tunes in the film. He expressed all shades in the role with perfection. Siddharth Venugopal and Rupa Manjadi did full justice to their roles.


Jiva Shankar selected a good story line and prepared a convincing script. He emerged successful in treating viewers to some thrilling episodes in the film. However slow pace in the film undid all his good work. Though he showed that a person by birth is not bad and the circumstances in the society that change him accordingly, he did not utilize the scope the subject presented. Lack of romance and off beat subject may not get connected with movie lovers.


Production values are quite good. Jeeva Shankar’s cinematography is excellent and all the scenes are shot quite well. This gave completely different feel to the viewers. Vijay Antony’s music and background score is good.

Movie Marks

Negative shades in Nakili will not appear to masses but others can enjoy.


Starring: Vijay Antoni, Siddharth Venugpal, Roopa Manjari
Director: Jeeva Shankar
Producer: M.Rajashekar, Chnababu Arigela
Music Director: Vijay Anthoni

Release date: 09 Feb 2013

Nakili movie review
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