Namitha Kidnapped

Actress Namitha might have been kidnapped by a local driver. Coming into the news Namitha alighted from her airplane at the Tiruchirapalli airport on Sunday night (October 24th night) where a person by the name Periasamy tried to kidnap her.

Namitha was to reach Karur from Trichy which was about 330 kilometers from the district, where she was invited as a chief guest to the senior artist Rajendran felicitation function in Karur. 

Periasamy who appeared in a driver dress lied to her that he was sent to pick her up. Believing what he said, Namitha got into the car quite innocently.

Poor Namitha did not think that he would be a kidnapper. The real driver arrived at the scene seeing the passing car and Namitha in it. He immediately called up the local police. The Police chased the kidnapper and Namitha and they overtook the driver and stopped the vehicle.

Periasamy was a mere fan of Namitha who wanted to kidnap her just because he was a fan but the Police find him elusive towards certain questions. He also was contradictory to his own answers and the Police suspect that there is a lot to it than what meets the eye.

By knowing this news, Namitha hardcore fans felt very sad, however Namitha is save.